Slit Seeding

Revitalize your tired or damaged lawn and have it looking just like new again.  Our slit seeding service effectively repairs weak, bare, and thin areas of your lawn, leaving them full of new grass before you know it!

Slit seeding is performed using a special machine called a slit seeder that slices shallow vertical rows (or slits) into the soil.  These vertical rows are cut while the seed is deposited directly down into these rows, ensuring excellent seed-to-soil contact, optimizing seed germination and improving turf establishment.  Slit seeding a property is typically done when a simple overseeding will not suffice.  i.e. extensive insect or weed infestation or extremely high traffic areas of the lawn.

Slit seeding helps to:

• Improve thin, bare spots and areas requiring renovation
• Introduce new seed that resists drought, insect and disease pressures
• Save money on costly new sod installation

Top Dressing the lawn combined with slit seeding is also suggested as it allows the new seedlings to germinate in a rich soil environment.  With a large selection of Soil Blends to choose from, we can help select a blend, best suited for your location.  Peat moss in areas where the lawn is bare will help to protect against seed consumption by the Okanagan’s high quantity of bird life such as quail and finches.

Contact us for more information. Our knowledgeable staff would be happy to provide a detailed evaluation of your property’s needs.